EMC Windows and Doors

Windows and doors that merge resistant aluminum framing with impact-resistant laminated glass to provide ultimate protection to your home and family.

Insurance companies realize the added security that impact windows and doors provide to the home and its inhabitants. Many offer additional discounts and competing premiums to homeowners protected by impact products.

Efficiency is measure through the transfer of heat from one space to another. Impact products achieve their high-efficiency results through the use of PVB adherent in-between the layers of glass.

Due to the thickness of the glass and its insulation, noise reduction is an additional advantage to your impact windows and doors purchase.

Considering the rising cost of insurance and electricity impact systems are calculated to pay for themselves within a few short years.

Every year we face heavier rain, stronger wind speeds, and bigger storms. protecting our homes and businesses has become more of an obligation than a commodity. With the additional benefits of noise reduction, higher efficiency, and insurance rate reduction.

We offer a variety of custom colors and combination options. Please call us to find out more.

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